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1st Hole: Par 3 (Men - 170m, Ladies – 154m)

This par 3 provides a daunting start to your round. With the elevated green 25m above you, you need to keep your tee-shot left of the green as anything to the right runs away from the hole and could end up out of bounds.


10th Hole: Par 3 (Men – 139m, Ladies - 120m)

An accurate tee shot off the elevated 10th is certainly required, as anything right will run away leaving you with a difficult uphill chip to save par.

2nd & 11th Holes: Par 4 (245m/242m)

Playing diagonally towards the green, your aim is towards the water hazard, as the natural slope of the course will take your ball left of the green leaving you with a good attacking shot to the pin. Hitting out to the right, and your second needs to traverse the trees and with the water hazard some 3 meters from the green will certainly collect anything short. Overshoot this green, and you are left with a nasty uphill shot, and a thankful bogey, if you lucky.

3rd and 12th Holes: Par 4 (270m/267m)

A shared fairway guides you towards two different holes here. The 12th hole on the left and the 3rd hole a little further on the right. Your best line off the tee is the chimney between the A frame roofs in front of you.

3rd Hole:  The left to right slope of the fairway assists in allowing you a good attacking shot to the 3rd green. However, take care not to stray too far right, as a bunker and out of bounds awaits you. A left hand approach to this green is tricky with a downhill shot, a bunker to clear, and with a severe slope off the right hand side of the green a delicate shot certainly required.


12th Hole:  A must hit fairway this, as right off the tee can leave a long second shot into an elevated green with a fairway bunker waiting anything short. To far left, and metres of rough, trees and a grassy knoll await you. Hold this green and you’ll get you par, if not…

4th & 13th Holes: Par 4 (307m/304m)

A dam and bunker guard the left and right side of this fairway, so accuracy off the tee is required. A left side approach is what you need to open this green, whilst anything right, will leave you with a blind shot over the hill.
An easy hole with no wind and a monster into the wind, don’t under estimate the undulations around the greens as it could be costly. (An errant tee shot to the right brings the 6th green into play, so please keep your fellow players in mind).

5th & 14th Holes: Par 4 (266m/263m)

The line off this tee is the bunker on the left hand side of the fairway, as the natural slope will nestle your ball in the centre of the fairway allowing for an easy shot to the green. With the green tucked into the right corner, anything right will leave you with a shot over the dam, as well as the out of bounds, not a shot for the fainthearted. Bunkers in the front left and right of the green will catch any approach shot that is short.

6th Hole: Par 3 (Men - 143m)

A difficult par 3 when playing into a strong head wind, a tee shot to the right of this green guarantees good results. Anything short leaves an uphill chip to a green that slopes towards you.

15th Hole: Par 3 (Men - 183m)

The longest par 3 on the course is longer than it looks and a monster into the wind. A tee shot to the right of this green guarantees good results. A pull left will leave you with an uphill shot over the deceptively deep bunker that guards the left side of the green.


6th & 15th Hole: Par 3 (Ladies - 141m)

A difficult par 3 when playing into a strong head wind, a tee shot to the right of this green guarantees good results. Anything short leaves an uphill chip to a green that slopes towards you.

7th & 16th Holes: Par 3 (115m/112m)

This, purportedly the easiest hole on the course offers a great challenge to make par. Hitting the centre of this green is a must, as tricky greenside bunkers, to left, right and beyond the green will collect anything offline and out of bounds tight on the left. Depending on the pin placement, hitting it long off the tee provides a slippery downhill putt, while a short tee-shot will leave you with a swinging uphill putt to contend with.

8th & 17th Holes: Par 4 (262m/259m)

A silent prayer will certainly assist your tee-shot, with trees lining the right hand side of this narrow, sloping fairway, your ball is invariably drawn towards them. The right side of the fairway does open up a little towards the green and can be reachable by the longer hitters. However it does require an accurate tee shot to stay on the fairway.  Placing your tee-shot over the trees is certainly an option, beware though of your approach shot to the green, as out of bounds is a mere two meters from the left hand side of the green and anything short will clatter into the trees.


9th & 18th Holes: (Par 4 (302m/299m)

With overhanging trees on the right, a left to right drive from the lower tee will assist in keeping you on the fairway. A well planned second shot into the green is required as a steep embankment and trees waits for any errant shots to the left. The right hand bunker poses a danger with a tricky green that has a drop off to the back and has left has left many a golfer perplexed.